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Blog - August 27 2021 - Header

Welcome Autumn in Five Ways with Whole-Home Audio

August 27, 2021/Whole-House Audio/Home Automation

This month sees the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, but we know that you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors for several more months. Owning a high-end audio system in your Houston residence will extend the good times outside, whether you’re curling up in front of a bonfire, soaking in the hot tub, or hosting a game night. Here are SounDesign’s favorite ways to bring…

Blog - July 30 2021 - Header

Six Smart Suggestions to Manage the Summer Heat

July 30, 2021/Climate Control/Home Automation/Shading Control

Is your AC system being pushed to its limit in the Texas summer heat? Several automated solutions can support your home's cooling systems and manage energy consumption while bringing down the cost of your utility bills. You'll only need a mobile device and an app to control all of our suggestions via Wi-Fi to keep your home's temperature control at your fingertips. Here are SounDesign's six…

Blog - June 30 2021 - Header

The Difference Between Home Theaters and Media Rooms

June 30, 2021/Home Theater

In years past, the symbol of a luxury home was defined by owning a dedicated home theater. As going to the movies is becoming more expensive, homeowners would rather experience the cinematic experience from their own couch; popcorn and drinks included for free! Home theaters are still desired by many, but others are choosing to opt to renovate a spare room into a media room, complete with cozy…

Blog - June 02 2021 - Header

Five Ways to Battle Burnout with Automated Lighting

June 02, 2021/Lighting Control/Home Automation

Your lighting does more than brighten your home; it can be one of the easiest ways to alter your mood! Soft, warm lights can encourage an evening of relaxation, while bright fluorescent light encourages productivity. The appropriate lighting in your home can lead to your family's improved mental wellbeing. By automating your lighting systems, you can set firmer boundaries that battle the…

Blog - May 03 2021 - Header

Creating a Home Theater for a Smaller Space

May 03, 2021/Home Theater

You may have seen photos of state-of-the-art home theaters with the full works; recliners with cup-holders, colorful lights that dim just like the real theater. Such luxury could feel out of reach for the size of your home and budget. But with the help of SounDesign’s team of experts, you can convert any spare space into a home theater perfect for your lifestyle.

First, you need…

Blog - March 31 2021 - Header

Optimize your Climate Control

March 31, 2021/Climate Control/Home Automation

Does saving money and energy while remaining comfortable at home seem too good to be true? It isn’t; climate control solutions allow you to accomplish exactly that. Whether you’ve just upgraded to a new system or using the model that came with the home, you’ll be able to stay cozy at home no matter the weather. Here are some of SounDesign’s recommended adjustments to…

Blog - Feb 26 2021 - Header

Five Perks of Living in an Automated Smart Home

February 26, 2021/Home Automation/Smart Home/Security

Living in a smart home may feel like something attainable only for the select few with tens of thousands of dollars at their disposal for high-tech equipment. However, smart home technology is becoming more commonplace and affordable in homes across America. Whether you want to streamline your entertainment experience or automate your entire house, here are five benefits of living in harmony…

Blog - Jan 31 2020 - Header

6 Ways to Deter Burglars with Home Security Systems

January 31, 2021/Security/Surveillance/CCTV

According to the FBI, a burglary occurs on average every twenty-six seconds in the United States, adding up to 3,300 burglaries per day. No matter what security measures you’ve taken in the past, there will always be criminals searching for ways to break into your home. As you learn more about burglary, you’ll be able to find ways to effectively shield your family and home. Here…

Blog - December 31 2020 - Header

2021 Home Technology Trends

December 31, 2020/Home Automation/Smart Home/Security

As technology continues to become more present in our lifestyle, it is integrating into homes across the country. So much is held within the four walls of your home: your beloved family, your treasured assets, your priceless heirlooms, and the tools and items you need for day-to-day life. Smart home technology is another set of tools that can help your home become a place of convenience and…

Blog - Nov 30 2020 - Header

Technology for a Healthier Home

November 30, 2020/Aging in place/Automation/Covid-19/Lighting Control/Whole-House Audio

Studies show that your environment has a powerful influence on your mindset. It makes total sense that a home full of beauty and peace leads to increased creativity, happiness, and focus. Multiple aspects of your environment, like color, aroma, lights, and music, work together in impacting your mood. Your household’s health and wellness can increase with smart home automation; these…

Blog - Nov 11 2020 - Header

10 Tips for Designing a Perfect Home Theater

November 11, 2020/Home Theater

We’ve all missed going to the movies this year. The dominance of streaming services that provide hundreds of movies at our fingertips is creating a new demand for the movie experience, one that allows you to experience the cinema at home! But when delving into a home theater that's right for you, we have several design tips, decorating ideas, and renovation advice that can aid you in…

Blog - Oct 19 2020 - Header

6 Ways to Optimize your Remote Workflow at Home

October 19, 2020/Networking/WiFi/Remote Work/Home Office

Lately, everyone is in the house adapting to life with COVID-19. Your kids are in their rooms on Zoom classes, while you and your partner have converted the dining room into a spare office. You’re now used to working with video conferencing systems over large conference room presentations. Between all the meetings, calls, and classes, your network is likely to become overloaded as it…

Blog - Nov19

Lutron’s Newest Touch Dimmer Inspires the Next Generation of Lighting Control

November 11, 2019/Lighting Control

Now set your lights with a simple touch or swipe. Sunnata combines touch control with Lutron’s LED+ technology, allowing you to effortlessly set the perfect light with your LED, Incandescent or Halogen bulbs.

Coopersburg, PA (November 11th, 2019) — Lutron Electronics, the leader in smart lighting and shading control solutions, today announced the launch of the Sunnata touch…

Blog - Sep2019

Crestron Home OS 3 Now Live; Delivers Smart Home User Experience Like No Other

Sep 03, 2019/Automation

Latest operating system update unlocks the full potential of the Crestron smart home; delivers simple, clean, and sophisticated user experience and speeds deployment of any sized project

Rockleigh, NJ – September 3, 2019 – Crestron, a global leader in advanced smart home technology, today announced the release of Crestron Home™ OS 3, the highly anticipated update to…



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