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6 Ways to Deter Burglars with Home Security Systems

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6 Ways to Deter Burglars with Home Security Systems

January 31, 2021/Security/Surveillance/CCTV

According to the FBI, a burglary occurs on average every twenty-six seconds in the United States, adding up to 3,300 burglaries per day. No matter what security measures you’ve taken in the past, there will always be criminals searching for ways to break into your home. As you learn more about burglary, you’ll be able to find ways to effectively shield your family and home. Here are SounDesign’s security tips.

Security Systems Deter Burglars

In a comprehensive study by The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, researchers found that 60% of 400 convicted burglars admitted that a visible security system would influence their choice to target a different residence.

Home Security Tip: To decrease the risk of being a victim of a burglary, we suggest installing a home security system. Place CCTV cameras, window stickers, and yard signs near as many points of entry to your home to signal potential intruders that your home is prepared and well-protected.

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Most Burglaries Occur Between 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Because most family members are at school and work during the day, vacant homes are ideal targets for break-ins. Furthermore, vacation homes along the Gulf Coast are often left uninhabited for months at a time, increasing their vulnerability to potential burglaries.

Home Security Tip: You can easily watch footage of CCTV cameras installed on your home’s exterior and interior through your mobile device. Your phone will also text notifications when movement is detected on the camera, whether you’re receiving a new package, laughing at a stray raccoon, or identifying an unknown person.

Burglars Who Live Nearby Are More Likely to Target Your Home

Surprising as it may seem, burglars tend to live within two miles of the target home. Their proximity allows them to quickly learn your family’s everyday schedule and choose a time to break-in when they know you aren’t home. Your neighbors may also be looking at your social media activity to see when you post about being on vacation or visiting family.

Home Security Tip: Confuse potential burglars by varying your daily routine, and ask a dependable neighbor to check into your home each day when you aren’t home. Furthermore, don’t ever post on social media that you’re leaving your house; your vacation photos can wait until you arrive home.

A Residential Break-In Only Takes 10 Minutes

Why are burglary statistics so high in the country? Oftentimes, a burglar seeks a thrill of breaking into an easy target like an open first-floor window or unlocked door, getting something they want, and escaping undetected. You may have noticed in the news of a neighborhood experiencing a high concentration of criminality activity for a brief time, like a series of car vandalizations in a week, or a handful of homes broken into three nights in a row. This is no coincidence; chances are it's the same robber testing the limits of their ability to get away with something.

Home Security Tip: Always keep your entrances closed and locked, and install a high-quality front door. Consider forming or joining a community watch group that informs each other of suspicious activity and protects each other’s homes.

Burglars Visit the Master Bedroom

When we feel secure in our homes, we don’t feel the need to lock up our valuables; instead, we’d rather put them on display! However, a burglar knows you’re likely to do this, so they’ll head straight to the master bedroom to nab cash, expensive jewelry, weapons, and designer clothing to sell for a quick buck. Most victims lose $2,251 per residential intrusion.

Home Security Tip: Invest in a heavy safe to store your valuables, and keep it in a hidden spot, especially if you know you'll be absent from your home for a long time. A basic home security plan also costs as little as $35/month, which is well worth the emotional and monetary cost of a break-in.

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Under 15% of Reported Burglaries Result In Arrest

Intruders know that the statistics lie in their favor; they know how to dress discreetly, avoid detection, and move quickly to sell your lost property. Even if a burglar is identified, your possessions may already be untraceable.

Home Security Tip: CCTV Cameras are changing the security landscape by identifying a burglar's appearance, time of intrusion, the stolen items, and even what direction the burglar went after leaving a residence. Install a camera security system on the exterior and interior of your home to catch any suspicious activity. Perhaps you'll learn where all your missing front door packages are going.

Don’t allow these statistics to frighten you; the likelihood of intrusion dramatically decreases once you have a strong security system. The sight of one is often enough to scare a burglar away, but in case of intrusion, you’ll be able to take quick action to protect your family and property. Our security team here at SounDesign is ready to assist your plan in securing your home, valuables, and loved ones. Call us today to get started!


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