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Blog - Sep 30 2022 - Image 1

Four Smart Lighting Solutions to Improve your Home Theater

September 30, 2022/Lighting Control/Home Theater

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it’s possible to have a home theater that is too dark! If you’ve ever struggled to locate your popcorn or navigate to your seat, then that’s a sign that you need to brighten up the space. Our team at SounDesign is prepared with several lighting solutions that will provide visibility without overwhelming the space, while further adding to…

Blog - June 28 2022 - Image 1

How to Find the Best AV Receiver for your Home Theater

June 28, 2022/Home Theater/AV

Every high-performance home theater has one thing in common: a powerful AV receiver. This piece of equipment works to reproduce the cinematic experience by connecting all of the audio and visual elements of your setup. Most AV receivers are highly compatible, resulting in a multitude of acronyms and sockets that are confusing for first-time buyers. However, our team at SounDesign has put…

Blog - June 30 2021 - Header

The Difference Between Home Theaters and Media Rooms

June 30, 2021/Home Theater

In years past, the symbol of a luxury home was defined by owning a dedicated home theater. As going to the movies is becoming more expensive, homeowners would rather experience the cinematic experience from their own couch; popcorn and drinks included for free! Home theaters are still desired by many, but others are choosing to opt to renovate a spare room into a media room, complete with cozy…

Blog - May 03 2021 - Header

Creating a Home Theater for a Smaller Space

May 03, 2021/Home Theater

You may have seen photos of state-of-the-art home theaters with the full works; recliners with cup-holders, colorful lights that dim just like the real theater. Such luxury could feel out of reach for the size of your home and budget. But with the help of SounDesign’s team of experts, you can convert any spare space into a home theater perfect for your lifestyle.

First, you need…

Blog - Nov 11 2020 - Header

10 Tips for Designing a Perfect Home Theater

November 11, 2020/Home Theater

We’ve all missed going to the movies this year. The dominance of streaming services that provide hundreds of movies at our fingertips is creating a new demand for the movie experience, one that allows you to experience the cinema at home! But when delving into a home theater that's right for you, we have several design tips, decorating ideas, and renovation advice that can aid you in…



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