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Blog - August 31 2022 - Image 1

Five Styles of Energy-Efficient Automated Shades Perfect for Changing Temperatures

August 31, 2021/Shading Control

As summer begins to turn to fall, we’ll be wavering between cool mornings, warm days, and brisk evenings. Our thermostats may begin to work overtime trying to keep up with the fluctuating temperatures outside, costing us energy and money, but it doesn’t have to be this way. A home can lose around half of its heating and cooling through the windows, but our team at SounDesign has…

Blog - July 30 2021 - Header

Six Smart Suggestions to Manage the Summer Heat

July 30, 2021/Climate Control/Home Automation/Shading Control

Is your AC system being pushed to its limit in the Texas summer heat? Several automated solutions can support your home's cooling systems and manage energy consumption while bringing down the cost of your utility bills. You'll only need a mobile device and an app to control all of our suggestions via Wi-Fi to keep your home's temperature control at your fingertips. Here are SounDesign's six…



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