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Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces with Smart Home Solutions

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Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces with Smart Home Solutions

July 29, 2022/Outdoor Living/Home Automation/AV

There’s no better time for family and friends to enjoy others' company than a summertime pool party or backyard barbecue. But if you’re interested in improving your outdoor spaces to make your next gathering unforgettable, smart home solutions will transform your space with aspects as simple as light and sound. Whether you want to add underwater pool speakers or a weatherproofed sound system, SounDesign can implement the design of your dreams. Here are our favorite outdoor spaces to enhance with smart home solutions.


Imagine transforming your pool into your home's private oasis. You'll find yourself swimming laps to an energetic playlist with underwater speakers or enjoy your hot tub’s color-changing lights with a drink under the stars. Above-ground rock speakers can sit poolside and blend into your landscape for easy listening that’s discreet, while above-ground lighting provides helpful visibility around the pool's perimeter for nighttime gatherings. You can even integrate your AV solutions with your pool’s equipment system, so you can pair your bubbling jets with the pool lights or temperature adjustment with the time of day. It's easy to alter your preferences from a centralized poolside panel, app on your smartphone, or remote control.


Your patio will soon become your family's favorite gathering place from morning to night. We supply weatherproof TV displays and multi-channel audio systems that expand your entertainment options to the outdoors. For example, outdoor movie nights can become a regular occurrence with a weatherproof projector and speakers. Warm afternoons can be spent in a hammock, listening to your favorite podcast through ceiling-embedded speakers. Motorized blinds can protect your skin and eyes from the rays of the sun, while dusk means your automated lighting systems will gently illuminate your patio for open-air dinners. You won’t have to worry about leaving a remote control exposed to elements when you can control your lights and AV system through a paired app on your smartphone or tablet. However, none of this is possible without a Wi-Fi connection in your backyard, so we can install mesh networks that extend consistent coverage as far as you'd like.

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Want to breathe fresh life into your yard's lawn or garden? Smart outdoor solutions can add a beautiful aesthetic element while helping your plants grow. Your herbal, vegetable or flower garden will thrive more than ever with the help of colorful lights. For example, blue light encourages the growth of new leaves. The combination of blue and red lights prompts the plants to flower. By integrating the lights with your sprinkler system, you can set a timed schedule ensuring your garden is tended every hour of the day. This means you'll be able to work less and witness more beautiful results. Underground speakers can play your favorite tunes while you tend to your garden, while motion-activated lights can frighten away animals that want to raid your fruits and vegetables.

Outdoor Kitchen

Smart home solutions can elevate your outdoor cooking and dining experiences with your outdoor grill, bar, or full kitchen. Mesh networks that extend your Wi-Fi coverage will expand a whole-home audio system to your home's exterior through specialized speakers. A simple voice command will begin an audiobook through weatherproofed sound systems while you grill burgers or the touch of a button can start a tutorial video as you prep drinks for your cocktail event. Whenever you host a game night, you won't have to worry about missing the goal when you leave to refill the snack tray with outdoor surround-sound speakers and 4K displays that stream the gameplay and keep you keyed in on the action.

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Recreational Courts

Want to take your sports games to the next level? Smart outdoor solutions will elevate the atmosphere of your recreational courts via audio and lighting systems. Step up your basketball games with tailored acoustic treatments; we can install professional speakers hidden from view and the impact of a flying ball. Lights and music can raise the stakes of a competitive tennis match with vigorous playlists and dramatic stadium spotlights. You can keep playing volleyball long after the sun goes down with automated lights that will brighten your rec court and improve visibility.

Whether you want to use smart home solutions to beautify your lawn, enjoy poolside music, or experience outdoor movie nights, our team at SounDesign is prepared to design and install smart systems that operate with power and precision. If you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor spaces in a whole new way, contact our team today to begin!


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