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Blog - April 29 2022 - Image 1

Six Ways to Use Your Smart Light Bulbs

April 29, 2022/Lighting Control/Security/Smart Home

The 2000s marked the introduction of smart lighting solutions that helped homeowners across the nation enjoy more convenience. But this decade is witnessing a resurgence towards smart light bulbs as the perfect addition to your smart home. At SounDesign, we are excited to help you take your lighting to the next level. Here are six things to enjoy when you switch to smart light bulbs.


Blog - Feb 28 2022 - Image 1

Four Smart Surveillance Advancements in 2022

February 28, 2022/Security/CCTV/Surveillance

Homeowners have more freedom than ever in choosing how they want to protect their property thanks to new advancements in smart home security systems. One option has emerged at the height of the market: CCTV surveillance systems, which give homeowners a whole new set of eyes that watch the home 24/7. SounDesign has found four new advancements in smart surveillance that will keep CCTV…

Blog - Nov 30 2021 - Image 1

Five Reasons to Invest in Smart Lighting Systems

November 30, 2021/Lighting Control/Security

Homeowners understand the tedious journey of managing a smoothly-operating home that uses its fixtures efficiently. Your lighting is the perfect example; it can be annoying to constantly turn off the bathroom light after your children or wake up at 4 am to realize you fell asleep reading your book with your bedside lamp still on. These small moments have the power to impact our mood, sleep,…

Blog - Oct 29 2021 - Image 1

6 Secure Steps to Protect Your Automated Devices from Hackers

October 29, 2021/Networking/Security

More homeowners are choosing smart home system solutions as devices are growing more commonplace and convenient. Manufacturers rushing to keep up with the automated home market demands occasionally cut some corners, leading to poorly secured devices. This rush has led to terrifying breaches in privacy, including hacked baby monitors and surveillance cameras, stolen data, and identity theft.…

Blog - Sept 29 2021 - Header

Three Ways to Upgrade Your Autumn Security

September 29, 2021/Security/CCTV/Surveillance

Fall is beginning to creep up in Houston, and as the nights arrive at an earlier hour, it's in your best interest to ensure your security measures can keep up with the upcoming Halloween mischief. You and your family will likely be in and out of the house more often as you attend fall festivals and other gatherings, so leave a variety of monitoring solutions to look after your home when you're…

Blog - Feb 26 2021 - Header

Five Perks of Living in an Automated Smart Home

February 26, 2021/Home Automation/Smart Home/Security

Living in a smart home may feel like something attainable only for the select few with tens of thousands of dollars at their disposal for high-tech equipment. However, smart home technology is becoming more commonplace and affordable in homes across America. Whether you want to streamline your entertainment experience or automate your entire house, here are five benefits of living in harmony…

Blog - Jan 31 2020 - Header

6 Ways to Deter Burglars with Home Security Systems

January 31, 2021/Security/Surveillance/CCTV

According to the FBI, a burglary occurs on average every twenty-six seconds in the United States, adding up to 3,300 burglaries per day. No matter what security measures you’ve taken in the past, there will always be criminals searching for ways to break into your home. As you learn more about burglary, you’ll be able to find ways to effectively shield your family and home. Here…

Blog - December 31 2020 - Header

2021 Home Technology Trends

December 31, 2020/Home Automation/Smart Home/Security

As technology continues to become more present in our lifestyle, it is integrating into homes across the country. So much is held within the four walls of your home: your beloved family, your treasured assets, your priceless heirlooms, and the tools and items you need for day-to-day life. Smart home technology is another set of tools that can help your home become a place of convenience and…



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