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Six Ways to Use Your Smart Light Bulbs

Blog - April 29 2022 - Image 1

Six Ways to Use Your Smart Light Bulbs

April 29, 2022/Lighting Control/Security/Smart Home

The 2000s marked the introduction of smart lighting solutions that helped homeowners across the nation enjoy more convenience. But this decade is witnessing a resurgence towards smart light bulbs as the perfect addition to your smart home. At SounDesign, we are excited to help you take your lighting to the next level. Here are six things to enjoy when you switch to smart light bulbs.

Turn Off Your Lights from Bed

You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch or bed to change the lights in seconds with a command to your Voice Assistant or a few taps on your paired smartphone app. Smart bulbs can shift between dynamic color and brightness ranges, so by dimming the lights in warm shades, you can begin encouraging the family to wind down for bed. With the paired smartphone app, you can see which lights in the house are in use, so it's possible to shut them off if you left your home in a rush.

Enjoy a Long Lifespan and Low Energy Usage

You'll immediately use less energy to light up your home with smart CFL or LED bulbs. When you pair your LEDs with dimmers and motion sensors, you'll see lower energy bills as the months pass. Expect 15,000-25,000 hours of use with LED smart bulbs in comparison to the 1,000-2,000 hour lifespan of incandescent bulbs; it's a wise investment that saves you more money over time once you rarely have to replace a light.

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Maintain Healthier Habits

Did you know that your lighting can help you maintain a daily routine? By automating your lighting for specific times of day, you can now awaken with the birds as your bedroom lights gently turn on and increase their brightness at 6 am. When it's time to start cooking dinner, your kitchen lights can all switch on at 5 pm, and when it's time to wind down, your whole home can begin to slowly dim its lighting around 9 pm. Your automated smart light bulbs can help you and your family stick to better habits that keep everyone happy and healthy.

Protect your Neighbors

You can help keep your neighborhood a safe place to live with smart light bulbs. When the sun goes down, bright exterior lights are effective in discouraging intruders from choosing your home as their next target, since there's nowhere to hide in the shadows. You can take your security a step further by linking certain smart security lights and sensors with a smartphone app to notify you via text when anyone enters your property seconds later. These lighting sensors also translate indoors to guide someone down the hallways at night or discourage your teens from sneaking out of the house. It’s simple to disable these lights whenever you’d rather keep your home quiet and dark.

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Add Visuals to your Music

You’ll experience music in a whole new light with smart bulbs. Certain Bluetooth smart lighting with speakers will convert your lamp into a stereo. When paired to an app on your device, other smart light bulbs can sync with the songs streaming from that device. It’s easy to create surround sound by syncing up to nine Bluetooth smart bulbs whose brightness’ intensity varies with the beat. You can even make your podcasts and news stories more interesting when synced with your smart light bulbs.

Change Your Mood

Smart light bulbs can instantly shift your mood for a more harmonious household. Dimming your smart LED lights to a soft golden shade will help you settle in for a relaxing evening. On the other hand, bright blue-white light can motivate you for a day of spring cleaning the whole house. You can even automate particular scenes for any occasion with preset brightness and colors, whether you want to enjoy a spa night under soft purple and blue shades, dance with your friends under color-changing lights, or host a board game night with bright lights that keep everyone’s attention focused. No matter how you want to feel or what you want to do, your lights can match your state of mind.

Looking to save money and transform your home's atmosphere? Smart light bulbs are the perfect choice for homeowners who want their lights to serve many purposes. Our team at SounDesign is ready to answer your questions about motion sensor lighting or help you find the best smart bulb brand for syncing your music and lights. Contact us today to begin!


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