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Blog - Nov 01 2022 - Image 1

Should You Opt for a Vintage or Modern Turntable?

November 1, 2022/Audio

What's the best sound system? It depends on the audiophile you're speaking to; no one will speak poorly of their system, and this includes owners of modern or vintage turntables. You've probably heard the debate that older record players are superior due to sturdy craftsmanship alongside the nostalgia factor, or that the newest turntable models have unparalleled precision. Do you feel drawn to…

Blog - April 1 2022 - Image 1

A Guide to Essential Features for your Record Player

April 1, 2022/Audio

Do you ever wish you could turn back time? When you listen to a classic album on a record player, you might feel like you’ve gone back to your favorite decade. It’s easy to feel nostalgic with the resurgence of vinyl, with more affordable options than ever now available for the home market. These systems come with some confusing options, but our team at SounDesign is here to guide…

Blog - Jan 06 2022 - Image 1

A Guide to HDMI 2.1 Cable Standards

January 6, 2022/Video/Audio

When homeowners set up their Audio-Video system, HDMI cables are often an afterthought. Although the cables you already own for your Blu-ray, soundbar, television, and other media still operate perfectly, they’ll become obsolete with the rise of HDMI 2.1 cable standards. Likely, the next gaming console, media streamer, or TV you purchase will require the newest HDMI cable standard, which…



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