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One Control for Everything

We are the solution to a home designed for lifestyles of today and prepared for lifestyles of tomorrow.

Services - Home Automation

Home Automation

Here at SounDesign, we have designed state-of-the-art home automation systems that allow you to control everything in your home with the touch of a button. Whether you desire to replace multiple remote controllers with a single elegant touch pad, or operate your home systems from any mobile digital device, we will turn your house in a sleek and modern work of art.

With the help of SounDesign, you can program multiple lifestyle scenario settings for your home system. If you are out of your house and realize you forgot to turn off a light, you can simply choose an “Away” setting on your mobile device that will remotely turn off all lights, music and TVs as well as adjust your HVAC settings as desired. Not only are you being environment friendly, but you are also cutting down monthly energy costs for your family.

However, that is not all that SounDesign’s home automation system can do. Access your home security camera feed, check for weather conditions and even adjust the volume on whichever sound systems all for a single control pad. You are truly the master of your own home.

Services - Climate

Energy Management

Managing your energy usage is one of the easiest ways to save money. At SounDesign we aim to save your money, reduce your risk and help mother Earth out a little along the way! Managing your energy is easy with our solutions that help you track, monitor and correct your energy usage habits so that your home or small business operates at its most efficient capacity! You can stay in total control by monitoring your energy management solutions on any smart phone or tablet - notifying you of any changes that happen throughout the day or night! Energy management is one of the realities that come with living at such a fast pace but with a SounDesign solution, we can make it an aspect of your life that is simple and easy.

Services - Whole House Audio

Whole House Audio

Here at SounDesign, we pride ourselves on finding innovative and future-ready solutions for your audio needs. We offer state of the art whole house audio systems that focus on giving you the best listening experience every time you turn it on. Whether you are spending the night on the couch with the family watching the latest blockbuster, or having friends over for a few drinks - our systems allow you to spend your time relaxing and not bothering with complicated and intricate audio systems.

Whole house audio systems from SounDesign allow you to choose from multiple scenarios with one touch control over the entire system, play different music in all different rooms, or play the same music throughout your house - turning your whole home into the ultimate entertainment unit with crystal clear sound.

Services - Lighting

Lighting Control

Your busy schedule doesn't have to get in the way of keeping your home beautiful, day and night! At SounDesign, we are dedicated to saving you time, energy and ultimately money. By having an energy efficient and cost effective lighting system, you are making an investment in your home and reducing the stress in your life. Our advanced lighting control system allows remote access of your lighting system.  Be welcomed home by a well lit drive-way and a cosy indoors. Adjust lighting in all or individual rooms with a touch of a button.  Not only is this a time saving investment but also a wise increase in the security of your property. At SounDesign, we promise that with our help we can turn your house into a home. Now isn’t that relaxing?

Services - Shades

Shade Control

At SounDesign, we believe that there is a shading control system that suits you and your lifestyle. Gone are the days of using window shades only to block the sunlight.  Use programmed presets to your advantage by allowing your system to open/close shades during the day to control room temperature.  Different seasonal presents help save additional energy beyond routine use of shades.

Not only is our shading solutions beautifully designed and a visual asset to your décor, but it is an investment for your expensive furnishings as it prevents damage from harsh UV rays.

We design motorized shades to suit your tastes and your home and with the SounDesign guarantee of a perfect fit.  What else could you be waiting for?

Services - Surveillance

Surveillance Systems

Just the sight of a SounDesign CCTV camera system can have a huge impact in preventing burglars from breaking in and entering your home. But our CCTV systems do more than just deter; once attached to one of our digital video recorders, you will be able to record what your CCTV camera sees and play it back at a more convenient time for you! All of our security systems are enabled for remote viewing meaning that you can watch your security footage from any location on your smart phone or tablet! We have a wide range of CCTV options that will suit your home and your budget and our experienced technicians will install your system seamlessly into your home. Monitor your home with a surveillance system from SounDesign.

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