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Blog - July 29 2022 - Image 1

Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces with Smart Home Solutions

July 29, 2022/Outdoor Living/Home Automation/AV

There’s no better time for family and friends to enjoy others' company than a summertime pool party or backyard barbecue. But if you’re interested in improving your outdoor spaces to make your next gathering unforgettable, smart home solutions will transform your space with aspects as simple as light and sound. Whether you want to add underwater pool speakers or a weatherproofed…

Blog - June 28 2022 - Image 1

How to Find the Best AV Receiver for your Home Theater

June 28, 2022/Home Theater/AV

Every high-performance home theater has one thing in common: a powerful AV receiver. This piece of equipment works to reproduce the cinematic experience by connecting all of the audio and visual elements of your setup. Most AV receivers are highly compatible, resulting in a multitude of acronyms and sockets that are confusing for first-time buyers. However, our team at SounDesign has put…



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