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Four Smart Surveillance Advancements in 2022

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Four Smart Surveillance Advancements in 2022

February 28, 2022/Security/CCTV/Surveillance

Homeowners have more freedom than ever in choosing how they want to protect their property thanks to new advancements in smart home security systems. One option has emerged at the height of the market: CCTV surveillance systems, which give homeowners a whole new set of eyes that watch the home 24/7. SounDesign has found four new advancements in smart surveillance that will keep CCTV surveillance systems in the top spot for home security in 2022.

Remote Controlled Security

Every member of the family loves being able to operate the functions of the home from the palm of their hand, and this now extends to surveillance solutions. Remote security systems will wait until everyone has left before setting alarms and sensors by tracking cellphones’ GPS. When movement triggers the motion sensors in CCTV cameras, the system will send your phone a text notification paired with a short video clip, so you can check the action seconds after it’s happened. Now you’ll be able to see when a package is delivered to your home, and call the authorities if someone nabs it! You'll be able to access the system whenever you'd like, day or night. Furthermore, two-way audio allows you to talk to the person at your front door via a pair of speakers, even when you aren’t home. With remote security, you can see and speak with your mailman, girl scout, or kids, no matter where you are!

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High-Tech Cameras

CCTV surveillance cameras follow the law of supply and demand. As their popularity rises, they become more affordable for homeowners to purchase. Because tech companies are now able to produce these systems at a lower price, they can experiment with new camera features. More cameras are equipped with thermal and infrared capabilities that detect heat and movement at night-time or in low lighting, or with higher resolutions above 1080p that sense movement from afar.  You’ll soon be able to identify that dark streak as the raccoon raiding your trash cans at night!

Facial Recognition

Looking for a highly personalized way to protect your property? Facial recognition technology may be the perfect solution for you. Perhaps you already use tools such as Apple Face ID to unlock your iPhone or the archival software of Google Photos that identifies different faces in your pictures. Similar technology is becoming a selling point for new CCTV cameras, which remember the faces of anyone who frequents your home, such as your family members and neighbors. Your camera can notify you when a particular person is at your front door, so you no longer have to worry when your kids arrive home from school. Your CCTV camera will let you know!

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Elevated Video Analytics

More companies are taking advantage of video cameras’ ability to store useful information and data. Look out for brands that offer 911 emergency services within their mobile app, so after watching video footage, you can contact police, fire, or medical services within seconds. You’ll be able to help deter crime in your neighborhood with CCTV cameras that capture the features of any face, including intruders and troublemakers. Burglars are less likely to target homes with visible exterior CCTV cameras. Certain security cameras have free cloud storage so you can scroll through archives for several angles of an interesting animal, a package drop-off, or an intrusion. Whether you opt for a doorbell camera or an entire CCTV camera system, your recordings capture useful analytics that can be used in new security solutions this year.

Do you already incorporate one or two of these smart surveillance solutions? Would you like to add more to your system? If you’re interested in learning more about thermal camera settings or two-way audio capabilities, our team at SounDesign can help you design and install the best home security system for your lifestyle. Give us a call today to get started!


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