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Five Perks of Living in an Automated Smart Home

Blog - Feb 26 2021 - Header

Five Perks of Living in an Automated Smart Home

February 26, 2021/Home Automation/Smart Home/Security

Living in a smart home may feel like something attainable only for the select few with tens of thousands of dollars at their disposal for high-tech equipment. However, smart home technology is becoming more commonplace and affordable in homes across America. Whether you want to streamline your entertainment experience or automate your entire house, here are five benefits of living in harmony with smart home technology.

Discover more free time

How many wasted seconds or minutes are taken from our day trying to accomplish simple tasks? For example, if you want to listen to music while you cook dinner, you may need to first locate your portable speaker and its charger, then wait while your phone connects via Bluetooth. Now you need to open your music app, hunt for your desired album or playlist, and maybe adjust the volume to your liking. Instead, imagine skipping this process entirely and just verbally requesting the song you want from a system that answers immediately. With smart home solutions, this is entirely possible! As you save a few minutes here and there each day, you'll find extra time to accomplish tasks efficiently and relax afterward.

Find more money in your pocket

Installing smart home technology is an investment that feels quite pricey at the beginning, but you'll find it pays off quickly. Living inefficiently costs you much more; your thermostat will continue to run the air conditioner while no one is home, which eats away at your wallet. You can stretch your dollar through a smart system that programs your thermostat to turn the air conditioner off at the time everyone usually leaves home and turns back on 20 minutes before the first person walks through the door. Once you adjust your home system to your family's habits, you'll find up to 30% savings on your energy bills. Now imagine how these savings can extend when you begin utilizing smart lighting and shade control too.

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Take comfort in knowing you have a lower environmental impact

A home that operates inefficiently wastes money and energy on top of having a higher level of emissions. Over 20% of all American emissions are directly attributed to household consumption, which costs the environment too. No one wants to worsen the rapid progression of climate change, but a home with high emissions does. However, smart home technology’s ability to strictly regulate your home’s energy emissions can help you mitigate your carbon footprint, and instead, you can be part of the movement aiming to create a more sustainable world for future generations.

Relax with more peace of mind

Leaving your home for long periods can cause you to worry, fearing the potential of a break-in when it's obvious your home hasn't been lived in for a few days. Alternatively, when you leave for a short time, maybe you're left wondering if you remembered to shut the blinds, turn off the lights, close the garage door, or unplug the iron. You won't be left worrying or wondering with automated technology; smart home security systems allow you to control these functions through an app even when you're far from home. These can extend to automatic locks that sense your location and video security systems that send you notifications when they sense someone at your front door.

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Enjoy added convenience

Do you hate digging through couch cushions to find the correct remote for your system? Those days can be left in the past with smart home technology. Whether you want to control your entertainment, security, lighting, or temperature, you can do it all through a centralized system with an app on your mobile device or a touch-screen panel on the wall. Alternatively, a voice command assistant allows you to control your home's functions in a hands-free experience without ever leaving your couch.

It's always the right time to make the change to smart home technology. An automated home will streamline your lifestyle as you develop a connection with the place you live. If you’re interested in different home automation solutions, contact our team at SounDesign today.


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