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2021 Home Technology Trends

Blog - December 31 2020 - Header

2021 Home Technology Trends

December 31, 2020/Home Automation/Smart Home/Security

As technology continues to become more present in our lifestyle, it is integrating into homes across the country. So much is held within the four walls of your home: your beloved family, your treasured assets, your priceless heirlooms, and the tools and items you need for day-to-day life. Smart home technology is another set of tools that can help your home become a place of convenience and joy. 2021 promises to be a year that will bring technology capable of transforming your home and streamlining your daily life. Here are some of our favorite smart home trends for 2021.

The Internet of Behaviors

In 2020, we lived through the Internet of Things, but 2021 predicts we’ll experience the Internet of Behaviors (IoB), which is considered to be “the digital dust” of people’s lives. It’s the trail of data we leave on the internet that different brands and organizations use to monitor our behaviors and adjust data to be user-specific. Some of these technologies are big data, facial recognition, and location tracking that determine people’s habits and actions online. We see a fashion brand target buying habits with a corresponding ad, or car insurers adjust policies to location and age demographics, but IoB is also within the home. Smart surveillance utilizes facial recognition to ensure your family’s safe arrival home, location tracking allows us to control our smart appliances from afar and lock our doors when we leave the house, and tracks data so you’re able to adjust your energy, water, and lighting consumption to save you money. It also lies within the ability to customize automated settings that match with your daily habits.

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Kitchens Embrace Hyper-Automation

Hyper-automation is quickly transforming our living spaces into a whole new experience. While we already notice this trend in our home entertainment systems with multi-room audio and extravagant home theaters, hyper-automation is spreading to the rest of the home, especially the kitchen. Smart home technology is designed to streamline our day-to-day to make these processes simple and enjoyable. For example, how much time do you spend every day deciding what to eat for dinner, only to find you’re missing an essential ingredient? A smart fridge simplifies these tasks by noting what groceries you have and what groceries you need, then sends the list to your local supermarket’s pickup services. Create a digital calendar that plans out daily meals with a list of necessary ingredients so you can make sure you feed your family nutritious meals that fit with each member’s dietary needs. Beyond the fridge, you can also utilize smart home technology to program automated settings for your ideal lighting, temperature, and favorite music playlists while you’re cooking.

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Home Security

Advanced technology lends itself to security purposes, and there's no doubt you want to keep your family as safe as possible. In 2021, we'll witness a plethora of affordable smart home security options that can do more than ever before. Nowadays, automated CCTV surveillance systems record detected movement, utilize facial recognition, text you notifications, and contact the authorities in case of emergency.

2021 will be an unforgettable year with fantastic smart home technology solutions for every household. As you begin to integrate home automation into your lifestyle, our team of experts at SounDesign is here to assist you in designing the perfect smart home for you.


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