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10 Tips for Designing a Perfect Home Theater

Blog - Nov 11 2020 - Header

10 Tips for Designing a Perfect Home Theater

November 11, 2020/Home Theater

We’ve all missed going to the movies this year. The dominance of streaming services that provide hundreds of movies at our fingertips is creating a new demand for the movie experience, one that allows you to experience the cinema at home! But when delving into a home theater that's right for you, we have several design tips, decorating ideas, and renovation advice that can aid you in crafting your dream home theater.

Take the Basement Into Account

Do you have a basement sitting under your home full of items collecting dust? It's the perfect space for your future home theater! Not only does its physical isolation from the rest of your home provide quiet, but it's also a simple feat to optimize the lighting, sound, and overall performance. Dark walls, a flat-screen TV, and some plush seating will quickly transform your space into that of a theater.

Review Other Potential Locations

If your home doesn’t have a basement, it’s time to get a bit creative. What other underutilized space is in your home? A spare room, an oversized walk-in closet, a pool house, a spacious garage, or a garden shed all hold potential to become your new movie theater. Black-out curtains over windows can easily darken a space, and built-in seating that easily fits into any nook will optimize your space.

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Insulate The Walls

With your home theater's location chosen, it's now time to determine your renovation needs. Make a list of everything you want your home theater to accomplish and review what you have and need. Perhaps you only require new décor like a sofa, or perhaps you want to recreate a movie theater with surround sound. No matter what you decide, we recommend insulating your walls to create a sound barrier between your theater and the activity of the outside world.

Hide Your Wiring

Another vital aspect of your home theater is the wiring. You'll want to be sure you have appropriate wiring for your screen, sound, and lighting. If you want your equipment to stay out of sight, discreet tubing can hide your wires leading to speakers built into the wall or floor.

Consider Sound Options

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when designing your sound system. What kind and how many speakers do you want to achieve the feeling of surround sound? How thick of a carpet do you need to muffle echo and noise? It's best to take your time in reviewing your options; you won't want to sacrifice quality for your sound system.

Choose Your Screen

When it's time to select your screen, it's vital to review your room's dimensions. A bigger screen doesn't necessarily mean better; in a shallow room, a large screen will be overwhelming. Do you have enough space to store your DVD players, video game consoles, and other entertainment devices? Ensure your area can contain everything that completes your home entertainment experience.

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Centralize Control

Want to make operating your home theater easy enough for the oldest and youngest family members? We suggest installing a centralized control system that you can manage from a mobile app or a universal remote. Now you can easily adjust the lighting, sound, and screen from a single source.

Add Embellishments

What embellishments do you want to include in your home theater? A projector that drops from the ceiling, 3D capability, surround sound, reclining seats? If your space has plain white walls, you don't necessarily require purchasing a flat-screen TV, and a projector should be perfect. If you ever wanted to take movie nights outdoors on warmer nights, a large white sheet and a portable projector are all you need.

Select Seating

After the technical aspects of your home theater have been decided, you can move on to the more creative aspects of interior design. Consider your seating options: do you imagine yourself snuggled up in a loveseat or kicking back in a recliner with snacks and drinks in large cup holders? Your customization options are nearly endless.

Use Your Imagination

Let your imagination run freely in decorating your space. You could choose a theme that pays homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood, your favorite sci-fi series, or 1920’s Art Deco elegance. Whether you want to utilize subtle accents or fully delve into your fantasy world, it’s up to you to make your space whatever you desire.

Whether you want to make a handful of upgrades or entirely renovate your space, your home theater can become reality with the help of our team at SounDesign. Contact us today to get started!


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