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Technology for a Healthier Home

Blog - Nov 30 2020 - Header

Technology for a Healthier Home

November 30, 2020/Aging in place/Automation/Covid-19/Lighting Control/Whole-House Audio

Studies show that your environment has a powerful influence on your mindset. It makes total sense that a home full of beauty and peace leads to increased creativity, happiness, and focus. Multiple aspects of your environment, like color, aroma, lights, and music, work together in impacting your mood. Your household’s health and wellness can increase with smart home automation; these solutions consider your routines and needs and streamline tedious tasks. Taking control of your home’s atmosphere is easier than ever before with smart home technology, and soon you’ll be able to encourage your mind and body to relax with technologies from SounDesign.

Smart Lighting Sets the Mood

Your phone is your new remote for your home's lights; when your lights are connected to a smart system, an app on your mobile device is all you need to control their brightness and color. Want to encourage yourself to focus during a day of working at home? Keep your lights at high brightness in a shade of blue-white. Want to help yourself to relax while you eat dinner or enjoy a book? Shift your lights to a gentle glow in a warm golden tone. Want to readjust your sleep schedule? Reduce blue light several hours before you go to bed to help you experience a deeper, more restful sleep, and eventually, your internal clock will regulate to the schedule you want. If you can’t remember if you shut off all the lights before leaving the house, you can save the stress by setting scenes that automatically turn on, shut off, dim, or shift color throughout the day.

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Elderly or Disabled Family Members Experience Independence

Voice-command technology is another way to control your atmosphere. Furthermore, this kind of technology is easily accessible to elderly or disabled family members who otherwise could not reach physical switches or operate the control system. Your child on crutches or vision-impaired mother can request your virtual assistants to work the lights or change the temperature. This helps reduce stress and grant a feeling of independence for every member of the household. Anyone who has suffered a fall, broken a bone, or witnessed a burglary can call the appropriate authorities immediately to come to their aid quicker than using a phone. Knowing help is always nearby can grant you peace of mind for leaving vulnerable family members alone for longer periods.

Air Quality & Temperature Control Strengthen Your Immune System

Smart home technology can help you breathe easier when connected to your air filtration systems. Not only does it track and manage your equipment, but it can send alerts when it's time for maintenance. Furthermore, you can integrate a thermostat with your air purifier to control individual room temperature. Automated settings will warm and cool different rooms throughout the day, so you never have to dread leaving your warm bed for a cold room on winter mornings. Your thermostat can shift a few degrees at a time with the changing seasons to strengthen your immune system against flu and allergy season on top of COVID. Smart home solutions can grant every member of the family clearer and cleaner lungs.

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Multi-Room Audio Improves Family Dynamics

Sonos conducted a study comparing households that played music each day to those who played none. The results provided overwhelming evidence that families in the more musical homes cooked more meals together, experienced positive moods, and enjoyed more harmonious relationships. With whole-home audio, you can have a happy family, which is more important than ever with so many families experiencing remote work and school. Speakers in every room are easily controlled from your phone, tablet, or wall panel to select your go-to playlist, sync audio with lights, and adjust the volume for each room. With every person able to listen to their favorite tunes privately or all together, you’ll see more joyful expressions around the house.

Voice Command Assistants Educate Your Kids

Another unlikely role of smart technology is acting as a teacher's assistant. Amazon Alexa and Google Home can teach your young children vocabulary, foreign language, and spelling lessons through simple voice commands. These assistants can help your kids with history research, spelling questions, and other homework problems, and with learning success, your children will experience improved mental wellbeing as they achieve their education goals.

If you want your home to become a healthier environment for your family, call us at SounDesign today to get started!


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