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Six Home Automation Trends that Stand Out in 2022

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Six Home Automation Trends that Stand Out in 2022

January 28, 2022/Automation/Smart Home

By 2025, approximately 20% of households worldwide will own at least one smart home device. In the past few years, the automated solutions market has exploded with exciting gadgets for homeowners who want to “think green,” save money, and streamline convenience. This year promises a bevy of new solutions; here are six home automation trends that SounDesign anticipates will stand out in 2022.

Smarter Energy Systems

Across the nation, homeowners have indicated they want to save energy for both the planet and their bills. Old and new house builds could benefit from more intelligent energy systems, and smart thermostats are an easy, affordable way to regulate surface heating and cooling simultaneously. You'll find bigger energy and money savings when you pair your thermostat with your daily schedule and personal temperature preferences. This means you can shut off the system in the hours when everyone is at work or school to optimize energy conservation. In case you need to make adjustments, your mobile device can operate the system even when you're away from home.

Better Health Devices

Health is on everyone’s mind these days, thanks to a growing focus on wellness and the caution of the pandemic. As gyms closed, purchases of at-home workout technology increased, whether it was Samsung’s Smart Trainer, the Mirror, or the Ultrahuman app that pairs with an Apple Watch. These technologies manage fitness goals, track physical transformations, give advice on healthier habits, and can even monitor your brain activity during sleep. Smart air purifiers and air conditioners prevent allergens and diseases from contaminating your family. Smart doorbells can monitor the temperature of anyone at your front door, allowing you to screen guests for fever or illness before they enter your home, so you can protect immunocompromised family members

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Efficient Work-from-home Solutions

Remote work is a result of the pandemic that many workers have enjoyed, and it's a trend that will continue. Home office automated solutions help employees streamline their workday, whether smart displays disclose relevant information alongside coworkers’ faces in a virtual meeting, or fun AI backgrounds disguise the clutter of your home. Noise-canceling headphones have helped workers focus for years, but now noise-canceling windows can block out the drone of neighbors doing yardwork so your coworkers can you clearly on Zoom calls. Your existing bandwidth and connection may feel strained from the heightened internet usage, but the growing popularity of mesh Wi-Fi networks will help maintain a steady connection in your home network so you can accomplish the necessary tasks even while your kids stream music and your wife watches the news.

Sensory Lighting Systems

In 2022, automated lighting systems grow smarter. Lighting systems have had sensors that switch on the lights when they detect someone entering the room. But this year brings lighting systems that adjust their intensity based on the time of day or number of people in the room. Light simulations at different times of day in unoccupied rooms create the illusion that people are present in the home, even if you're gone for an extended vacation. With remote management, your mobile device allows you to operate all of these features no matter where you may be.

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Touchless Tech

Existing lighting sensors and voice-controlled solutions prove that touchless tech is growing in popularity for homeowners. This year, we see presence detectors that adjust the home’s temperature depending on how many people are in the room, with the expectation that these sensors will soon be able to identify the movement patterns of particular individuals. This translates into a useful feature for intrusion detectors within security systems, specifically for nighttime or in an empty home.  Our bathrooms will also be included in sensor technology advancements with a rise in temperature-changing showers, self-cleaning toilets, and even plumbing systems that detect leaks, notify homeowners, and shut off the system before the problem grows.

Advanced Voice Control and A.I.

Voice-control assistants have become staples of the home, whether Siri, Alexa, or a Google Assistant answers your questions about the weather or plays your favorite songs. These assistants give every member of the family autonomy and control over their surroundings, like switching on the lights. However, we soon anticipate that these assistants will be able to control nearly every function of your smart home. The Internet of Things, defined as the conception of connecting physical items to the internet, is deeply linked to the smart home market. Matter is a new connectivity standard that will be the future of Amazon, Google, and Apple devices that will soon be able to communicate with each other. Finally, we believe robotic solutions will be used more consistently in 2022 and beyond to help families with cleaning, cooking, babysitting, and even healthcare.

Which of these new smart home tech solutions would you like to have in 2022? SounDesign is pleased to offer homeowners some of the most modern devices and systems currently available, whether you would like to own a smart thermostat or a lighting sensor. If you’re ready to bring automated solutions into your year, give us a call today to begin!


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