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Optimize your Climate Control

Blog - March 31 2021 - Header

Optimize your Climate Control

March 31, 2021/Climate Control/Home Automation

Does saving money and energy while remaining comfortable at home seem too good to be true? It isn’t; climate control solutions allow you to accomplish exactly that. Whether you’ve just upgraded to a new system or using the model that came with the home, you’ll be able to stay cozy at home no matter the weather. Here are some of SounDesign’s recommended adjustments to your climate control system to avoid freezing in winter and sweltering in summer.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Our number one suggestion is to purchase a programmable thermostat. After installation, you'll need to optimize the system for your home to achieve the desired outcome, which should only take you a few minutes. It's the most efficient way to manage your home's temperatures throughout day-to-day life. You'll be able to create specific settings for separate times of the day, whether you want to bring the temperature up a few degrees on chilly mornings, or keep it cooler during the hottest hours of the day. Most programmable thermostats allow you to create "scenes" of particular temperatures at mealtime or bedtime.

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Save Energy and Money

As we're slowly beginning to return to work at the office and learning at school again, you'll find there are about eight hours in the day when the home is unoccupied. Instead of running your air conditioning or heater all day for no one, your thermostat can shift into energy-saving mode, which you can adjust incrementally as the seasons change. By programming your climate settings to begin changing to your family's ideal temperature half an hour before the first member comes home, you won't ever need to worry about arriving at an uncomfortably hot or cold home. Furthermore, the savings on your energy bill will soon show up once you utilize energy-saving settings.

Shift with the Seasons

So, we've established that saving money, energy, and your comfort isn't too good to be true, so what if we added that preserving your health is another benefit of climate control? Sudden shifts in temperature at the turn of the seasons contribute to tension headaches and seasonal allergies that many Americans suffer each year. However, if you shift your temperature settings by a degree or two throughout the seasons, you'll be able to boost your immune system in allowing your body to slowly adjust to the weather change.

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Maintain your System Frequently

You’ll need to keep an eye on your climate control function to ensure there are no disconnects between your HVAC system and thermostat. You’ll notice the change in quality in your climate control, and if your system is struggling, call a professional to fix it as soon as possible. Your system could be wasting energy and money the longer you wait. In the meantime, drawing the blinds on your home’s windows will help keep your home’s temperature stable.

Now that you’ve learned the different ways climate control optimization can improve your quality of home life, you may be interested in making some upgrades to your system. If you have questions or are ready to get started today, contact our team of professionals here at SounDesign.


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