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Welcome Autumn in Five Ways with Whole-Home Audio

Blog - August 27 2021 - Header

Welcome Autumn in Five Ways with Whole-Home Audio

August 27, 2021/Whole-House Audio/Home Automation

This month sees the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, but we know that you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors for several more months. Owning a high-end audio system in your Houston residence will extend the good times outside, whether you’re curling up in front of a bonfire, soaking in the hot tub, or hosting a game night. Here are SounDesign’s favorite ways to bring in the fall with a whole-home audio system.

Have a Dance Party in Any Room

Listening to music together has been proven to increase harmonious relationships between friends and family. You can achieve a more balanced household through multi-room audio. If your current setup only has speakers in a single room like the kitchen, anyone outside of that room is caught in a "dead zone" of sound separation, excluding some family members from being part of the fun. With a whole-home audio system, this problem is solved and is more achievable than you think. Not every room requires a full stereo system; instead, a single speaker is all you need per room. It could fit snugly in a bookshelf, be discreetly installed in the ceiling or wall, or stand on the floor, as long as it emits a high-quality sound that brings everyone into the party. With each speaker synced to a centralized audio system, you can fully control each speaker’s volume and song choices through your mobile device. Now you'll be ready for house parties or relaxing days just enjoying the music you love. 

Take the Fun Outdoors

Here in Houston, we know that the heat of summer extends well into fall. Weatherproof outdoor "rock" speakers blend in next to your pool or patio. No matter how large your yard is, speakers installed underground can ensure sound reaches the edge of your property, so your guests playing cornhole can still appreciate great tunes. When you add your outdoor speakers to your whole-home audio system, you can hear the same soundtrack as you move inside and outside. Change up your listening preferences and choose to play some ambient noise instead, whether you feel like birdsong, the sound of the ocean, or a thunderstorm. With an outdoor system, you can relax stress-free anywhere on your property.

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Listen to Something Different

With a whole-home audio system, you can play more than music and ambient noise. It's time to get creative and listen to other forms of media. Catch up on your audiobook while you tidy up the home, or focus on calming your mind through a guided meditation. Let every speaker in the house play your true-crime podcast to build up the suspense; you can always pause from your phone if you need a moment to recover. Alternatively, you can catch up on the news through your favorite radio station in one room while another family member relaxes to some calming music in the next one. You can fully customize your listening preferences to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Operate the System from Anywhere

Are you looking for a way to make your system easy enough for the most technically challenged members to operate? A whole-home audio system can be controlled through a mobile device like your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, making it extremely accessible. Alternatively, open your music queue to suggestions from others. Instead of having to pass your mobile device around, friends and family can add their songs via a wall-mounted control panel or voice command assistant. Let's say it's time to sing "Happy Birthday;" the touch of a button pauses or lowers the volume of the music across the home or in your particular room, so you can cut the cake and get back to the party.

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Enjoy a Variety of Options

There's no need to limit your listening options to a single platform or input. When a team of professionals installs your whole-home audio system, you'll have a variety to choose from: stream a Spotify podcast, listen to a YouTube tutorial, select your favorite Pandora station, find new tunes on Amazon, connect to your stereo system, and so much more. With a centralized control system, you can choose particular speakers to connect with your TV to enjoy a movie night, Sunday night football, or a video game tournament with family and friends. No matter how you choose to use your audio system, you can listen to superior sound quality that brings you satisfying entertainment.

A whole-home audio system can take the joy of listening to music and other media from the privacy of your bedroom to the edges of your yard! It's time you brought its benefits of harmony and entertainment to your home. If you're ready to install an entirely new system or just add a few more speakers to your existing one, call our team at SounDesign today to get started!


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